Steam Trap Surveys

In Europe, our Steam Trap Surveys are already being used at sites operated by Total, Nestlé, GSK, Solvay, UCB, Ineos, Air Liquide, Lactalis, Lilly, Rhodia, Pirelli, Kemira, Kronenbourg, etc. Over 200 industrials sites around the world are already using Steam Trap Surveys to manage their steam systems and the number is growing every day.

Focus on the advantages of our Steam Trap Surveys:

• It calulates real losses steam, fuel and CO2 using a methodology that has been approved by the U.N. Technical Committee (specifically related to the Kyoto protocol).

• It produces detailed reports that provide better visibility of the installation.

• It is also an analytical tool for benchmarking multiple production sites, analysing trends over several years, or even calculating Return On Investment (ROI).

Steam Trap Surveys lets you...

• Improve your steam system's efficiency. Steam Trap Surveys provides you with analysis that shows you the performance rate of your steam traps performance rate and enables you to improve it. In fact, an unusually low performance rate does not just come from lack of investment or maintenance. It can also be the result of poor selection or installation of the steam trap. With our Steam Trap Surveys, you can benchmark your trap stations and get an understanding of what modifications are needed to increase their servicelives.

• Improve your energy management. Leaking traps can generate up to 5% loss in your steam installation. Thanks to Steam Trap Surveys, you can find out how much steam is being lost by each leaking trap and set your maintenance priorities.

• Maintenance your CO2 emissions. Steam boiler is one of the main sources of CO2, CO, NOx and SOx emissions in an industrial facility. Generating steam that is lost through leaking traps needlessly increases these emissions.

• Reduce production stoppages and steam installation maintenance. Some steam traps can break down in "closed" position. When this happens, although they do not lose steam, they do accumulate condensate upstream. This phenomenon makes it difficult for the exchangers to operate properly and results in mechanical shocks. Production can be shut down and certain batches lost due to lack of temperature.

Mechanical shocks and corrosion produce excess wear and tear on the installation, resulting in needless maintenance expenses. With Steam Trap Surveys, you can list the traps that are blocked in the "closed" position and take action before it is too late.

• Improve communication both within your company and with your subcontractors. Steam Trap Surveys provides you with centralized storage for essential data about your steam system. You and your colleagues involved can access this data any time and anywhere. Moreover, you can authorize your subcontractors to view certain technical data in order to make it easier for them to service your installations.

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